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Important (festivals) Utsavas conducted in this temple

  • Sri Vairamudi Brahmotsavam.
  • Sri Rajamudi Brahmotsavam.
  • Sri Krishnarajamudi Brahmotsavam.
  • Tirunakshtram of Sri Ramanujacharya. (Jayanthi)

Sri Vairamudi Brahmotsavam

This is the most important annual festival of the melukote temple which falls during March-April (in the month of Meena) on the day of Hasta Nakshtra of Meena month. The ten day festival is concluded with holy water dipping (Avbritha) of deity in the tank of Kalyani.

The famous crown Vairamudi has got a unique history. This crown was originally being placed on the lord Aniruddha mutry in Patala loka. The demon king Virochana son of Prahlada who use to worship the deity along with angels became greedy and snatched away the crown and hid the same in his palace in Paatal.

Lord Garuda, the famous eagle vehicle of lord Vishnu the crown and look it in to his custody after conquering Virochana. While Garuda was bringing back the crown he saw Sri Krishna in Gokul and placed the same on the lord of Krishna. Sri Krishna came to know the history of the crown with his Devine vision placed the crown on the idol of Sri Chaluvarayaswamy which Sri Krishna himself was worshipping as a surprise the crown was perfectly matching with the deity. Garuda performed Utsava for Sri Chaluvanarayana as per the instruction of Lord Sri Krishna. Since then the famous crown Vairamudi is being praised and visited by thousands of people every year.

Vairamudi Utsava falls on the fourth day during nine day festival preceding Meene maasa Hasta nakshtra the birth day of lord Srimannarayana swamy. The deity with Vairamudi is taken procession round the temple in four main roads is rotated in all directions. So that all the people can have the Darshan of lord and Vairamudi. Lakhs of people gather from all over the world to written the famous festival Vairamudi.Previously the Vairamudi crown was kept under safe custody in the treasury of Mysore palace as a personnel property belonging to the royal family. Now it is preserved in Mandya district treasurer under the custody of Karnataka govt.

On the morning of Vairamudi day the crown is taken out from the treasury brought in procession with state honor will be worshipped by people throughout the way in the tripe at melukote Even today Vairamudi along with Rajamudi is taken in procession as per old age tradition On the 4th day of nine day Festival the Utsav deity will be advanced with Viramudi, The procision state by 9 pm and Continuing up to early morning 3 Am. At the end of the procession Vairamudi will be replaced by Rajmudiforthe next 5days of festival.People can have the darshanam of Vairamudi once in a year when it is placed on the head of Lord Narayana. No one is permitted touch (expect priest) the crown.

One more Interesting history being connected with Vairamudi is as follows.Sri Rama Pattabhishekam which was originally to conduct on Meena-Pushya day got stalled due to kaikeyis various plan. Now again Sri Ramanujacharya Known as re-incarnation of Laxmana has arranged crowning festival on the same day for Lord Ramapriya is really surprising.

melukote is not located on any of the National High way’s are city connecting to the main Road. It is about 35 Km from Mandya (Dist HQ), 30 km From Nagamangala, 24km from K.R.Pet 25 km. From Pandavapura (Taluk HQ) K.S.R.T.C. Transport Buses Frequently Passes through melukote. As a pont of vairamudi Festival car Festival, BoatFestival, (Rathotsand, Teppotasara) other vaharas also being performed.All arrangements such as health drinking water Fecility, public et, are taken care by concerned authorithies during vairamudi Festival.

The details of Festival similar to that of Vairamudi.

Vasanta utsava

This utsav begain on vaishaka shuddha Ekadashi and Conducted on the Full noon day poornima, First two days of the Festival is dedicated for lord Thirunarayana swamy Next two days Sridevi & Bhoodevi are taken in “pallakis” covered with silk cloth Known as “moodupalakki utsava” and attack Sri Chaluvarayaswamy, This Festival is a great entertainment for young stars.On the concluding day is on full moon day chaluvanarayaswamy with Sridevi & Bhoodevi is taken in procission to the park premises known as Aramane thota. In the night with moon light, veediKodai Thirumal (Sumnes walking Festival) is conducted which Starts From Nammalwar Temple.

Pallava Utsava

This utsava is marking the know blossom ot flower and hears Following spring season.This is conducted during the Second half of month Jyeshta, Starting on the star “ Shravana” and Ending on the Star “Rohini”.Every day in the after moon Abhisheka is performed for Lord Chaluvanaraya in the primisses of Ramanujacharya sannidhi.

Prathama Ekadashi

Ullaya utsavam( Swing Festival) is conducted for saven days Starting on ASHADA SHUKLA EKADASHI Day. The Lord is Placed worshipped on swing during night daily.

Gokula Ashtami

Birth day Festival of Lord Sri Krishna is celebrated during August September, on this duy is the night Abhisheka for Krishna Special pooja are Conducted, Deity is taken in procession to Krishna temple Shikyutsava (Breaking of hanging pots with Butter milk) is performed.


During Second Holy of ASHADA Month Starting on mrugashira Star day is to pubba star the festival is perfomed to mahalakshmi (godess yadugiri Thayar).In the mahalakshmi temple premises Both day night Chanting divya prabhanda will be performed, Eveing mahalakshmi is taken in procession in pallakki one the pubba star day on the birth day ot mahalakshmi, in the morning Sheshavahana, Abhisheka, Thiruppavai Shattumorai ext, will be conducted,During night Golden Pallakki utsavm for chaluvnaraya swamy with mahalakshmi will be conducted.All the dicten (Ramanujacharya – alvar) installed in mirror Room in maha Lakshmi temple, and perform pooja, Thiruvaimoli Shottumorai and Thalattu, Ekantasevai.


(Utsavam marking Purification of Temple) This utsav is performed marked of Purification.The utsavam is conducted for seven days Starting form Bhadrapada shuddha ekadashi.In the main hall with four dwaras and mahakumbha pooja, mandala Aradhara vahanotssva, and chanting all four Vedas is important.

Navarathri Utsavam

Starting From Asvayuja Shudda prathama, Navarathri utsavam will be celebrated till dashami for Ten days Daily morning the sheshavahanam for mahalakshmi and Specian pooja with performed by Aradhana, Divya prabanha parayana. In evening taken procission to god Chaluvnarayana and come to in tront of mahalakshmi Tempale, here Yadavagiri purana hole 10 days. During Navarathri all ten days (Jalige pooja) Golden coins are placed at the feet at Narayana swamy & Lakshmi & chaluvnarayana swamy special pooja will be performed. Just like Jamboo savari is celebrated in mysore palace, on vijaya Dashmi day Sri Narayanaswamy will be decorated as a king. Chaluvanarayana swamy will be taken procession by Kudurai vaharam( Horse vahana) to Banni mantapa Near navarthri mantap, While returning from the mantap, near main entrance ot the town godess mahalakshmi in sheshavana recevres Chaluvanarayana swamy and both will be taken in procession. On mahanavamiday ayudha pooja will be celebrated in a big scale.

Krittik Utsava( Light lamp festival)

This is conducted during Kartika month on tall mooh day karthika. Lights will be lighted and placed in the yajashala & offered pooja There Lights will be taken round the temple with Chanting of veda mantras, in the evening. All temple is Decorated by lot of Lights called Deepotsava. Light in a big pot filler with will be placed on the piller known as Deepa stambha in front of the Temple. No utsav for about a month there after till kotarotsavam.

Kaisika Dwadasi

This falls there days in advance to full moon day ot vrishcikka month, on this day early morning special pooja will be offered to sri Chaluvaraya swamy with Dasavatara Darshan tollowed by Divyaprabandha parayana, Kaishikapurana and mahamangalarathi.

Uttana Dwadashi

On karthika shakla dwadashi day Sri Chaluvaraya swamy will be taken in procession in Tulasi (puspa) Brindavan special pooja near Brindavan will be offered.

Dhanurmasa Pooja

Sri Godadevi starnch devotee of Sri Krishna she sung the famous Thiruppavai pasuram (song) celebrating a vrata in the month of Dhanuss form month of dec 16 to jan 15, During the period special pooja will be offered early morning everyday. Divyaprabhanda, Gadya traya of sri Ramanujacharya will be relited through the month every mirning.During night Divya prabandha (4000) will be recited everyday 100 stanzas per day. On Dec 19 or 20th “Nooru tada” utsava will be celebrated, Abhisheka for Sridevi and Bhoodevi will be done silver pot filled with “ Kshreeranna” (milk rire) will be taken round of the temple with tall honour offered the Lord.On Shukla Ekadashi of Dhanuamasa Special pooja will be offered on dwadashi golden kavacha seva for lord Thirunarayana will be performed.


Kotarotsavais set a part exclu siveley for thiruvaimoli (1000stanzas) Recited by the great vaishnava saint Nammalwar.Inagurution of the festival is month on Jan 3rd or 4th Beging with Ankurarpanam. In front of vadantadeshika’s temple and Acharya an taken procession will be installed in the from of Kotara mantapa in evening. Subsequetly Sri Chaluvanarayana swamy will also be pleased in the heart of the mantap pooja for are Deities and alwar’s will be offered.

In front ot Chaluvanarayana swamy all deities starting from vishvaksena swamy Nammalawar and other alwar will be honored with sri satakopa, Garland, parivatta ect.All alwar acharyas will be taken two or three at a tune infront ot Chaluvaraya swamy will be taken Rounded in the Kotaramatapa Veda mantras and divya prabanda will be recited followed by Areyar sevai, veena Instrument playing and Nadaswara ect. and the theertha, prasada will be celebrated.On the forth day of utsava “ ORUNAYAHAM” the stanzas offered to Thirunarayana swamy will be recited in with explanation by Areyar swamy. Utasav continuous all ten days on the ending day all Alwar’s will be decorated in Holy as in sri vaikunta.Than Nammalwar will be taken in hand with all Honours and will be made to seet at the lotus feet of Lord.This is an unique tesfival known as “ ALWAR PARAMAPADA”.


This falls on Jan 14th or 15th well known as pongal in Tamil nadu, This is harvesting Festival on this day . Morning Abhishekam for Chaluvarayaswamy, Mahalakshmi all 12 Alwaras and other acharyas will be performed.In the evening Chaluvaraya swamy will be taken in procession to sakranthi mantapa and in front of the god Sankranthi pala will be read by Jois.This utsav is performed by Swamya IV Family. In front of main temple this family offer flower’s fruits to chaluvavaraya swamy. Inside the Temple Arayar seva & announcing the name of IVth swamya by areyar.

Angamani Utasava Kanu Paravattai

(On the day following Sankranti)- This utsava is performed by I staneekam family (KARAGAM FAMILY) mainly and also companied with sajje hatti family in the evening.In the morning Abhisheka for sridevi & Bhoodevi will be performed the procession to KALYANI pushkarni and special honor will be exacted to I sthaneeka family followed by all the four families.

In the evening both Sridevi & Bhoodevi will be decorated in Traditional Sri vaishnava Lady dress in a unique fashion Staneeka –I called THIRUVANATAPURA DASAR couples with offer Fruits and flowers to devies. Displaying flowers and fruits will be there in staneeka –I (Karagam) house as well as sujje hatti house.Devies will be taken in procession with Red- carpet (NADEMUDI) savai by washermen to sajje Hatti mantap.There again honor for staneek 1 and other four familes will be carried by Tradition practice.While devies are taken in procession back to temple, Sri Chaluvara swamy who gets angry since Sridevi , Bhoodevi stick on mother’s house and Chaluvaraya goes on horse riding to the end of the town, and return back since he meets with rabbits which is a bad omen.This is mainly an entratiament festival. As Angamani utsava or Jatre on the next day of Angamani ALLUM – THALUM CHARAPU – utsav is celebrated on the evening of this day grain of Rice with supplementary Dishes will be offered to god. The swamy Thondanoornambi family taken to grab his share of prasada when sweet pumpkin, curry will be put on his Back, this is also on entertainment. This utsava was started by Sri Ramanuja charya to nape and differences maintain between melukote Temple staff & Thondanoor Temple staff so that both the people from there two cities will go in hormony in mutual co-ordination without any dispute.

Punaravasu Utsava

This tall in the month of January or early February Significance for this utsav is an this day Sri Ramanujacharya located lord Thirunarayana swamy Idol which was inside a hole and renovated melukote temple.Early morning Abhisheka will be performed to Ramanujacharya and diety taken in procession to Kalyani pond his arravivel to melukote from Thondanoor, hence Gadya traya will be recited. During the procession back to temple flowers, fruits will be offered by “ Vangipura Thirumaligai” family. Then Sri Ramnujacharya will be taken inside Sri Narayana Swamy Sannidi and pooja will be offered to Lord NarayanaswamyIn presence of sri Ramanuja performed all pooja to narayana diety.


Early morning special pooja will be performed to all dieties and Chaluvaraya swamy will be taken in procession in soorya mandalavahana . In front of Nanjeer sannidi the first sun rays falls on Chaluvaraya swamy directly the on set of summer and end of winter.

Delhi Utsav

This falls usually is the month of march or febraury and occasionally sri Ramanujacharya swamy recalled back to Idol Of Sri Chaluvaraya swamy captured by Delhi Badsha and brought back to same from Delhi to melukote Installed the deity at melukote.Morning Abhisheka for Chaluvraya swamy will be affered evining processing to desikar temple will be performed.

Thepposthsava (Boat Festival)

This falls is the month of march before vairamudi Jatra. Utsava is celebrated for 3 days the pond especially created for this festival is these is melukote utsava to the pound first 2 days will be carried on 3rd day tappotsuv in Kalyani. Jois recites Shubha muhurtha for starting Boting in the evening.

Sri Krishnarajamudi Utsava

His highness Sri mumadi Krishna Raja wanayar, initiated this Festval in memory of his birthday on which day mahabhisheka is conducted for all main dietries, on the torth duy of festival (Samelike vairamudi) Krishnaraja mudi crown donated by the king. This Ram from utteshada to Rohi no Stars. In the month of Ashada very similar to vairamudi utsava, hesce Known as mini vairamudi or Chikkajatre.

Rajamudi Utsav (OR) Ashtateertha Utsav

This festival is conducted for ten days, Every day Sri Shatari ( paduka of Lord Narayana) is taken in Procession to one of the Holy ponds called theerta than, on the Forth day of the Festival Deity is decorated with Rajamudi crown. This Festival was organised by his highness Raja wadayar, and the crown Rajamudi with other 14 ornaments like pendant, with Ganda berunda and padma peetha ect, donted by Raja wadayar.

Sri Ramanujacharya's Thiru Nakshartam

This is a very important & siugnificant utsava neat only to vairamudi utsva usally this falls dereng aprel on in the month of may for ten days. Daily Abhisheka will performed to Ramanuja charya is the afternoon, morning and evening praceion for Ramanuja charya is performed. In the evening pallakki utsava & vahanas will be orghanised divya prabhanda parayana will be entime out on all four days.

On the sixth days mudi utsava for Ramanujacharya will be celebrated. Rothostava will be performed on the 9th day before Thirunaksthra ( mesha month Ardra Naksatra ) on this day evening after rathosotsava Ramanuja charya will be katen in procelion to yendugi yathi Rajamatt Lacotted is front of to temple under to Badri free. which was inetalled by Sri Ramanuja charya himself on the 8th &9th night special pooja called “Bhiksha Kainkaraym” with by performed by four swamya familing on the day of Thirunakshtram in the morning Abhisheka will be performed to Sri Ramanuja charya with 12 Aradhana (12 pooja).Honour from Narayana swamy temple will be excuted to Sri Ramanujacharya followed by Shathumurai. In the evening Ramanuja charya will be taken is of swamya 2 will be performed.

Back is the procetion to temple from Kalyani Ramanuja charya will be taken will be in to deshikar sannidhi & manavala mamuni sanidhi Next item in the Agenda is “ The Famous Dasavatara seva”.The Ramanujacharya will be taken seated is Acharay’s sannidhi . There maha mangala will be conducted is the night.Next day sandal paste will be applied to Ramanuja charya is the evening procession .To seetaranya near kalyani to evening will be celebrated.In the morning Abhishekha to Ramanujacharya will be carried out since this day happens to be the birth day of sri mudaliaandan important deciple of Ramanuja charya.Apart from the utsavas indicated above there are several other small evellthis utsavas through out the year through small significant through equally important.The birth days of Nammalvaar, Thirumangai Alwar, pillailokacharya, desikar, manavalamamuni, will be carried out for ten days . Each and evan aaspect of the festivals cannot be narrated and put in block & white in full ditto descriptively only to be expended enjoyed by the individuals .

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